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Evaluate the AWS system with the Well-Architected Partner

vti cloud well-architected review aws partner

“Adopt the latest AWS architectures, mitigate system risks, build flexible applications with high performance.”

The fact

In fact, many businesses, especially startups, due to the spread of resources, as well as personnel in addition to the pressure to bring products to the market as soon as possible (go to market) have applied the method of projection, change plans, or products are also much different from the original. , so a system re-evaluation to ensure operational, cost, performance, security, and reliability is essential.

On the other hand, IT is also an area with a relatively large change in personnel, IT positions often change after 1-2 years, which can lead to shortcomings, or there are system gaps if not detected in time.

Benefits of AWS Well-Architected Review

The benefits that Well-Architected Review brings to customers:

  • Accelerate innovation, adopt new technologies and architectures, reduce costs and business risks.

  • Improve your expertise through AWS and VTI Cloud guidelines, applying the latest standards to your business systems.

  • Get up to 5,000 USD in support from AWS (for businesses that perform AWS funding reviews and requirements).

Learn more about VTI Cloud’s Well-Architected Review service here: Well-Architected Review Archives | VTI CLOUD

How is AWS Well-Architected Review done?

1. VTI Cloud will arrange a boss to talk to your business.

You just need to make an appointment via email or registration form of VTI Cloud. Contact Us | VTI CLOUD

2. Determine the purpose of AWS Well-Architected Review with customers

VTI Cloud will sit with the business to determine the applications that need to be reviewed as well as the departments (in charge) necessary to participate in the review process.

3. Organize your AWS Well-Architected Review

The review aims to review and re-evaluate 5 pillars of well-architected review including:

  • Operate
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Costs.


The assessment will be conducted by VTI Cloud’s team of experienced solution architects, typically engineers who possess AWS Professional certification, are trained and authorized by AWS to perform the assessment. The architects of VTI Cloud will ask questions to learn and evaluate the system.

The assessment will usually last 3-5 hours. After completing the assessment, VTI Cloud will analyze based on the information received and give a detailed report on the vulnerabilities and weaknesses found and need to improve.

4. Make a report

Provide detailed reports and analyses of VTI Cloud’s engineers, and offer ways to improve the system, the work VTI Cloud will do to improve the customer’s system.

Report sample WAR

5. Improve the system

From the improvements outlined in the report, VTI Cloud will propose 25% and apply the necessary measures to solve.

These improvements may include revising operating procedures, activating services, or reconfiguring AWS services to improve costs.

6. Get support from AWS

After evaluating, and taking actions to improve the system, VTI Cloud, as an AWS authorized partner, will assist businesses in applying for credits from AWS, with up to 5000 USD (*) transferred directly to your AWS account as credits.

To learn more about AWS Credit, learn more at the following link:

(*) Depends on the review process from AWS

AWS Well-Architected Partner FAQs

1. Who will join Well-Architected Review with VTI Cloud?

  • The person in charge of the AWS platform, or responsible for the operation of the application or system.

  • People who understand the architecture of the system, how it works, solutions, security.

Usually, the assessment will have the following positions attended:

  • Infrastructure Engineer / Specialist

  • DBA Engineer / Specialist

  • DevOps Engineer / Specialist

  • Developer Engineer

2. Why choose VTI Cloud to perform AWS Well-Architected Review?

  • VTI Cloud is an AWS authorized partner to perform Well-architected Review (WAR).

  • Aws Well-Architected Assessment is completely Free.

  • WAR is conducted by VTI Cloud’s team of engineers with experience in performing reviews for many large systems, and owns the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional certificate.

  • Support businesses to receive credits from AWS after reviewing.

3. What will businesses need to prepare?

  • The person in charge to work with VTI Cloud.

  • Access to the AWS Management Console.

  • Provide access to the AWS Management Console for VTI Cloud to perform an assessment of the provisioning of reports for your business. VTI Cloud will have detailed instructions and provide templates to create IAM.

4. What will be in the report?

After performing the review, customers will receive a detailed report from VTI Cloud with all evaluation findings and recommendations, including the following information:

  • Scorecard: Specific and detailed findings of the customer’s architecture are based on the 05 pillars above.

  • VTI Cloud report: We will also describe what needs to be improved, assess the business impact of customer design ideas, and provide suggestions to improve workloads.

  • A specific action plan: This detailed plan offers recommendations and prioritizes each issue and opportunities for improvements that VTI Cloud will make.

AWS Well-Architected Partner Program Overview 

The AWS Well-Architected Partner Program is the official AWS program for partners. VTI Cloud, as an Advanced Consulting Partner and an AWS authorized partner to implement well-architected reviews, will work with businesses to improve deployed applications on AWS, optimizing architecture, and reduce costs for your AWS infrastructure.

VTI Cloud will also offer automation models to improve performance, minimizing the risk to the daily activities of your business.



A well-Architected review is a quick way to identify improvements and prioritize these improvements based on the benefits/risks and efforts required. Review bring together key stakeholders for different views and the VTI Cloud team will advise on the best and most appropriate methods.

However, Well-Architected Review is more than just a one-off activity. The review before going into production makes it simpler to change and reduces the risk of going into operation. Regular reviews are important for continuous improvement, reconsidering balance and design decisions, and as application requirements and the available cloud features change over time.

About VTI Cloud

VTI Cloud is an Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS Vietnam with a team of over 50+ AWS certified solution engineers. With the desire to support customers in the journey of digital transformation and migration to the AWS cloud, VTI Cloud is proud to be a pioneer in consulting solutions, developing software, and deploying AWS infrastructure to customers in Vietnam and Japan.

Building safe, high-performance, flexible, and cost-effective architectures for customers is VTI Cloud’s leading mission in enterprise technology mission.

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