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Veeam provides solutions that enable businesses to build a productive working environment, saving time, costs, operating, minimizing risks, and promoting at full capacity. Veeam ensures that data is always available, protected, and active for businesses around the globe.

Regardless of customer data – in virtualization, physics, SaaS, or IaaS services, hybrid cloud or multi-cloud – Veeam’s platform will help hundreds of thousands of companies keep their businesses running before disasters.

Veeam currently has more than 70,000 professional partners and more than 400,000 clients with headquarters located in Baar, Switzerland, and has many offices worldwide.

Straight 04 years of Leader

By Gartner Magic Quadrant


Data Center Backup and Recovery Leader

Veeam has been rated by Gartner as the Leader for 04 consecutive years in Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions. Particularly in 2020, Veeam ranked highest in the Magic Quadrant rankings.

According to Gartner, Veeam is considered to be one of the most efficient and reliable backup solutions they have ever integrated.

3-2-1 rule

Veeam backup rule


  • Maintain at least 3 copies of data
  • Store backups on 2 different media
  • Store at least 1 of the copies in an external location
  • Store at least 1 of the copies offline
  • Make sure there are verified backups with zero (0) error

AWS & Veeam


Reliable backup

Securely replicate The mobility of the cloud Reliable backups every workload, achieves shorter backup times, and reduces operating costs with unslleled flexibility.

Secure replication

Use image-based replication and appropriately arranged disaster recovery to increase speed, security, and availability.

Cloud mobility

Migrate or restore any workloads to AWS with features that keep your backups safe from attack.

Authorized Partner of Veeam

in Vietnam - VTI Cloud


Veeam & VTI Cloud

As of 2021, VTI Cloud has officially become Veeam’s strategic partner in Vietnam (Cloud & Service Provider and Value-Added Reseller) in providing solutions to AWS cloud services.

Understanding the importance of enterprise data and migration to the cloud, VTI Cloud will rely on Veeam’s technology to provide customers with solutions capable of managing data and broad visibility/control, and extensive coordination to facilitate disaster recovery (DR).

Read more: https://vticloud.io/en/news_events/vti-cloud-chinh-thuc-tro-thanh-cloud-service-provider-cua-veeam-tai-viet-nam/

Tripartite cooperation

Veeam - VTI Cloud - AWS

value-added reseller

Value-Added Reseller

Taking advantage of Veeam’s Value-Added Reseller technology and program, VTI Cloud has the ability to build a comprehensive solution suite, serving a wide range of customers from On-premises to AWS and other cloud services.

CSP Veeam

Cloud & Service Provider

By working together, VTI Cloud can leverage Veeam solutions and the advantages of AWS to build reliable backup and disaster backup solutions and services such as Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster. Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).


Amazon EC2 backup

Cloud-native, cost-effective and secure Amazon EC2 backup and Amazon EC2 disaster recovery (DR) to overcome ANY cloud data loss in minutes.


Restore and migrate to AWS

Gain new recovery options and maintain business continuity with just two steps to restore ANY on-premises workload to AWS.


Long-term retention in AWS

Leverage Amazon S3 as an extension of your data center for unlimited capacity long-term data retention, as well as Virtual Tape Library (VTL) support.


Back up Office 365 to AWS

Utilize cost-effective and unlimited storage capacity of Amazon S3 object storage as a target for Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 backups.


VMware Cloud on AWS

As enterprises embrace a multi-cloud strategy, the availability of data and applications becomes critical to help fuel innovation and competitive advantage. Extend the same Veeam solutions used on-premises to VMware Cloud on AWS to simply, efficiently, and seamlessly protect workloads across all clouds.

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☎️ +84-24-73068883

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