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VTI Cloud becomes official Veeam’s Cloud & Service Provider in Vietnam


In March 2021, VTI Cloud officially becomes Veeam partner in Vietnam, aiming to expand the provision of data backup and backup solutions and services on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Understanding the importance of enterprise data and migration to the cloud, VTI Cloud will rely on Veeam’s technology to provide customers with solutions capable of managing data and broad visibility/control, and extensive coordination to facilitate disaster recovery (DR).

About Veeam

Founded in 2006, Veeam® is a global leader in Backup and Backup solutions, provided by Cloud Data Management™, including backup and recovery, cloud mobility, monitoring and analytics, coordination and automation, governance, and compliance for ALL data.

Veeam provides solutions that enable businesses to build a productive working environment, saving time, costs, operating, minimizing risks, and promoting at full capacity. Veeam ensures that data is always available, protected, and active for businesses around the globe. Regardless of customer data – in virtualization, physics, SaaS, or IaaS services, hybrid cloud or multi-cloud – Veeam’s platform will help hundreds of thousands of companies keep their businesses running in the event of disasters.

Veeam currently has more than 70,000 professional partners and more than 400,000 clients with headquarters located in Baar, Switzerland, and has many offices worldwide.

As of 2021, VTI Cloud has officially become Veeam’s strategic partner in Vietnam (Cloud & Service Provider and Value-Added Reseller) in providing solutions to AWS cloud services.

The partnership between VTI Cloud and Veeam with the advantage of AWS

By becoming Veeam’s Cloud & Service Provider and Value-Added Reseller in Vietnam, VTI Cloud will leverage the strengths of Veeam and Amazon Web Services to provide solutions that enable customers to ensure availability for every application and any data. These solutions help migrate, manage, protect, and recover important data including:

  • Amazon EC2 Backup: Cloud-based, cost-effective and secure Amazon EC2 (DR) disaster recovery and backups to fix ANY cloud data loss in minutes.

  • Recovery and migration to AWS: Get new recovery options and stay in business continuously with just two steps to restore ANY on-premises workloads to AWS.

  • Long-term storage with AWS: Leverage Amazon S3 as an extension of your customer’s data center to retain data for an unlimited amount of time, as well as support virtual tape library (VTL).

  • Back up Office 365 to AWS: Cost-effective use and unlimited storage of amazon S3 services are targeted for Veeam Backup backups for Microsoft Office 365.

  • VMware Cloud on AWS: As businesses adopt a multi-cloud strategy, data and application availability becomes critical to help drive innovation and competitive advantage. Extend similar Veeam solutions used on-premises for VMware Cloud on AWS to protect workloads across all clouds in a simple, efficient, and seamless way.

The partnership between Veeam and VTI Cloud will bring better support to customers who are using Veeam products in Vietnam. Besides, Veeam will cooperate with VTI Cloud to organize training sessions, workshops for software development teams and businesses using Veeam. In the near future, the cloud community, and Veeam products will receive more support and impact activities between Veeam and VTI Cloud.

About VTI Cloud

VTI Cloud is an Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS Vietnam with a team of over 50+ AWS certified solution engineers. With the desire to support customers in the journey of digital transformation and migration to the AWS cloud, VTI Cloud is proud to be a pioneer in consulting solutions, developing software, and deploying AWS infrastructure to customers in Vietnam and Japan.

Building safe, high-performance, flexible, and cost-effective architectures for customers is VTI Cloud’s leading mission in enterprise technology mission.

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