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Use gp3 to reduce costs up to 92% on EBS

Amazon EBS gp3

The gp3 was officially launched from the beginning of December 2020 with outstanding features.


One of the most common problems encountered during customer deployment, especially systems running multiple VMs (virtual machines), is that the servers need small drives (~ 100 GB for each EBS drive) however for some specific applications, extra high-performance guarantees, or large IOPS arising in a short period of time.

In actual implementation, a lot of EBS is created with a capacity of about 100 GB, and there are many cases having to increase the number of IOPS to more than 2,500 in a short period of time to ensure system performance.

The commonly used EBS line is gp2 (General Purpose), it’s easy to see that the performance of gp2 will be proportional to the capacity, the hard drive (volume) will determine the baseline level and the time it takes to accumulate enough IOPS set. With a larger hard drive (volume), the baseline will also be higher, and the time to accumulate IOPS will also be faster.

I / O credit – is the term used to represent the available bandwidth that gp2 can use to burst large amounts of IOPS when the required IOPS level exceeds the baseline level.

The dominant advantage of gp3

Converting from gp2 to gp3 will save businesses up to 20%, currently gp3 costs 0.096 USD/GB (for Singapore region) compared to gp2 is 0.12 USD/GB.

However, it is not really exhaustive to say that gp3 saves 10-20% compared to gp2 in all cases.

With EBS gp2, users will be given 3 IOPS per GB, so with a 100 GB EBS hard drive users only get 300 IOPS with the possibility of going up to 3,000 IOPS (with I / O credit). Costs for EBS will remain fixed at 12 USD/month (for the Singapore region).

Before gp3 was officially put into use, with specific applications, to get 3,000 IOPS, customers had 2 options:

  1. Use provisioned IOPS volume (io1): Spend 100 GB EBS with 3,000 IOPS for 216 USD/month.

  2. Option 2, you can overprovision EBS volume, if you use 1,000 GB gp2, AWS will guarantee 3,000 IOPS for 120 USD/month.

Obviously, with the second approach, businesses can save up to 50%, but a portion of the volume will not be used. In addition, in case the system needs to be backed up (back up) will incur additional costs. for the snapshot being larger than 100 GB for option 1, this would also increase costs, and decrease your savings.

For the reasons as above, the introduction of the AWS gp3 EBS series is extremely exciting news.

Comparison of cost / IOPS

EBS gp3 will have a baseline of 3,000 IOPS and can reach a maximum of 16,000 IOPS, and this IOPS is completely independent of the size of the hard drive.

With the initial requirements, the EBS 100 GB gp3 capacity will have 3,000 IOPS with the cost of only 9.6 USD / month, a savings of up to 92% compared to the gp2 series.

The gp3 series will help customers save a lot of money for applications that need high IOPS or with large volumes but require not too high IOPS (below 3000 IOPS). The following comparison table will allow cost evaluation and comparison between gp2, gp3, and io1 / io2 EBS.

ebs iops comparison

The gp3 series will be ideal for high performance and low-cost applications such as MySQL, Cassandra, Hadoop analytics…

How to convert from gp2 to gp3

Users can easily convert from gp2 to gp3 using Elastic Volume. Just choose to modify volume on the AWS console and switch from gp2 to gp3.

gp3 3

The migration is fully automated and does not affect your system on AWS. After the conversion is completed, the status will be updated on the AWS console.

gp3 4

gp3 5

Optimization tool for EBS – AWS Compute Optimizer

Besides the exciting gp3 information, the AWS Compute Optimizer‘s support for EBS is also a point worthy of mention in this article.

Over-provisioning will incur system costs, while under-provisioning affects application performance.

In addition to the interesting information from gp3, from December 3, 2020, AWS Compute Optimizer has provided support to propose EBS volume. For volumes attached to EC2 for 30 hours or more, you can use the Compute Optimizer to get suggestions from the system to optimize EBS.


If your business falls into case 1 or scenario 2 yet, gp3 is now ready for use, businesses can migrate old EBS volumes to new lines to save at least 20% on costs for EBS volume monthly.

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