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Webinar: AI/ML applications for retail

Webinar AI ML aws vti cloud


AI and Machine Learning are often mentioned as a trending technology, the future of the 4.0 technology industry. The development of technology has brought about a shift in all aspects of social life, and the retail business is not out of that circle. Adopting the latest and smartest technology will gradually become a must for brands that want to enhance the quality of the customer experience and stand out in the user’s mind. So how to make AI / ML no longer an obstacle, on the contrary, will be the sharpest weapon of your business soon? The webinar will give you the answer! With the presence of Mr Bernard Leong – Senior Director of AI / ML of AWS Southeast Asia, the event promises to bring specific information about the application of AI/ML in the Retail Industry.

About webinar

The webinar focused on introducing specific applications of Artificial Intelligence in the Retail and Manufacturing Industry

  1. Improving customer journey with personalized experiences and recommendation engine
  2. Drive business efficiencies with machine learning-based forecasting
  3. Journey guide for retail to scale up quickly with AWS Cloud

Webinar Content

  1. The Future with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  2. AI / ML solutions that solve business challenges
  3. Business growth roadmap in retail with AWS services
  4. Panel discussion: AWS, Databrain, VTI discuss
  5. Questions with speakers
  6. Game (3 vouchers valued $100 using AWS service will be awarded to the winner of the minigame in the webinar)

Speaker information

  1. Mr. Bernard Leong – Head of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, ASEAN at Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  2. Mr. Le Duy Nghiem – CEO of DataBrain Company
  3. Mr. Nguyen Tien Su – Chief Architect – VTI Cloud Company

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Time: 9:30 – 11:30, September 9, 2020

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