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VTI Cloud officially became the Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS

VTI Cloud AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

On May 22, 2020, VTI officially became AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, affirming AWS’s leading partner position in Vietnam as well as the ASEAN region.

Cloud Computing has become an inevitable trend all over the world thanks to its rapid deployment and increasingly outstanding features. VTI Cloud was born with the mission of helping Vietnamese businesses quickly approach AWS, thereby accelerating the digital transformation for businesses and nations.

Over a year since its inception, VTI Cloud has supported hundreds of customers to convert to AWS, advised customers to use AWS effectively, and helped customers monitor systems on AWS. Up to now, customers using AWS span the fields of eCommerce, Retail, Banking and Finance, Manufacturing.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner in Vietnam, VTI Cloud also continuously contributes to the community through organizing events, seminars to share experiences … from basic to in-depth. With this achievement, VTI would like to thank our customers for their trust, the enthusiastic help from AWS Vietnam, and the tireless efforts of the VTI Cloud team. In the near future, in addition to basic services on AWS, VTI Cloud will support enterprises to apply many new features and technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and IoT.

Along with aiming for the next goal – to become AWS Premier Partner in 2021, VTI Cloud always considers the importance of being a companion, fully supporting businesses on the Cloud Computing journey.

About VTI Cloud

VTI Cloud is an Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS Vietnam with a team of over 50+ AWS certified solution engineers. With the desire to support customers in the journey of digital transformation and migration to the AWS cloud, VTI Cloud is proud to be a pioneer in consulting solutions, developing software, and deploying AWS infrastructure to customers in Vietnam and Japan.

Building safe, high-performance, flexible, and cost-effective architectures for customers is VTI Cloud’s leading mission in enterprise technology mission.

In addition, VTI Cloud supports building VIET-AWS community. This group is one of the fast-growing AWS User Groups and officially recognized by Amazon in the Asia Pacific (Vietnam) region.

VIET-AWS is a place to connect and exchange support between Solutions Architect, DevOps, SysOps, and budding students with cloud computing services of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Join VTI Cloud to join VIET-AWS:

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