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Stay tuned for AWS news highlights in June with a series of new service launches from AWS and exciting Blogs from VTI Cloud.

Amazon Location Service is now generally available

aws news - amazon location service

AWS News

From June 1, developers have another option for map services and location-based services (LSB).

Amazon Location Service allows bringing location features into the application, using data from Esri and HERE Technologies providers, at only 1/10 the cost of other location services such as Google Maps API, Foursquare

Amazon Location Service can be applied to Asset tracking, Delivery, or Geomarketing.

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Automated deployment and management of container and serverless applications with AWS Proton

AWS News

Current application systems require the management of dozens/hundreds of microservices, with constantly changing CI/CD infrastructure and configurations. The infrastructure and configuration requirements of each service development team need to be centrally managed, standardized, and automated.

AWS Proton is a service that enables the creation and management of templates for environments and configurations. Teams can use those templates to create their own environments.

You can watch the video above to learn more about AWS Proton.

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AWS Lambda Extensions are now generally available

aws news - amazon lambda extension

AWS News

Customers can use extensions to integrate Lambda functions with their favorite monitoring, observability, security, and governance tools. Alternatively, you can choose from a range of tools provided by AWS Lambda partners, or you can create your own Lambda extensions.

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Amazon Elastic Container Service Anywhere is now generally available

aws news - amazon ecs anywhere

AWS News

Amazon ECS Anywhere allows AWS customers to organize containers in their own data centers. Tailor-made for hybrid environments, this service gives customers the ability to operate and manage on-prem containers at no additional cost.

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What is AWS Direct Connect?

aws direct connect

AWS Blog

AWS Direct Connect (AWS DX) is a cloud services solution that simplifies establishing a dedicated network connection from an enterprise’s premises to AWS, providing a fast, highly secure alternative to cloud computing. connect to AWS cloud services. Join the VTI Cloud blog to learn about this service as well as the benefits it brings to businesses: What’s AWS Direct Connect?

How does AWS Big Data work?

aws big data

AWS Blog

Want to build an end-to-end data pipeline? AWS has built a suite of services that can be used to help address the challenges of Big Data, supported by a range of services and functions, including analytics, flexible storage, and support. for compliance regulations. Learn about the AWS Big Data solution suite through the following Blog: Introduction to AWS Big Data Portfolio

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