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VTI Cloud becomes the first AWS Immersion Day Partner in Vietnam


VTI Cloud – AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, is proud to announce that we are the first partner in Vietnam to become AWS Immersion Day Partner in the APAC region. VTI Cloud has not only passed the AWS requirements and trainings but also gained extensive hands-on experience on the AWS services. This is a remarkable milestone for VTI Cloud as we are constantly striving to improve our services while supporting organizations with their digital transformation and cloud journey.

Through Immersion day, VTI Cloud will host free and in-depth seminars on AWS services and solutions for our customers. VTI Cloud uses the same materials as AWS to deliver the Immersion Days. These include for example structured presentations, hands-on labs, and other AWS custom-built assets to address key customer questions

With a passion for helping all types of organizations leverage the full potential of cloud computing, VTI Cloud is ready to share knowledge and hands-on experiences with various AWS services through Immersion Day.

What is an AWS Immersion Day?

AWS Immersion Day offers APN Advanced and Premier Consulting Partners access to workshop content and tools developed by AWS Solutions Architects and packages it for APN Partners to use exclusively with their customers. With this announcement, VTI Cloud can now deliver AWS Immersion Days.

Immersion Day is delivered by technical experts who are AWS certified and have successfully completed AWS Immersion Day Practitioner course.

Immersion Days in-depth approach helps technical experts learn how to best leverage the AWS platform to unlock business potential and achieve key goals.

What are Immersion Day topics?

VTI Cloud can deliver AWS APN Immersion Days on a wide range of more than 20 subjects. Some of the most popular topics for Immersion Days are as follows: 

  • Databases
  • Containers
  • DevOps
  • Bigdata/ Data Analytics
  • Data Engineering
  • Landing Zone
  • Machine Learning
  • Serverless

Immersion Day is an interactive training in a workshop format, which walks the participants through different specific areas of Amazon Web Services. Immersion day can be organized in a normal on-site workshop or as a virtual version – whichever suits the needs the best. 

Who should attend VTI Cloud Immersion Day?

These customizable experiences will benefit both your business staff and your technical team, typically no more than 25 participants. You’ll want to invite your:

  • Executive, Management
  • Cloud Solutions Architect
  • Infrastructure and IT operations
  • Software and application development team
  • Business Management

How do we schedule an AWS Immersion Day? 

Contact us today at [email protected] to schedule an Immersion Day. It is easy and free!

VTI Cloud is proud to be the first AWS partner in Vietnam to add Immersion day program to the list of our services. Helping businesses with their digital transformation and cloud journey has always been our mission, and Immersion day program is helping us to realize that mission.

Are you ready for your AWS cloud journey? The dust after the latest Amazon Web Services information hasn’t settled yet and we are happy to deliver the next Immersion Day workshop to your organization.

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